Who Is Kinchie?

kingston-avatar-1Thanks for stopping by my Twitter landing page. I appreciate your interest in me, my company, and my Twitter use.


I’m Charlene Kingston, or Kinchie on Twitter. Kinch is  an old nickname (KINgston CHarlene) , but “Kinch” was already taken on Twitter. I added the “ie” to make it girly.

I run an information design business in the Phoenix metropolitan area called Crow Information Design. I also run the Social Media DIY Workshop to help small business people learn social media.

I write about Twitter. Here’s a list of the blog posts I’ve written about Twitter.

Need to reach me? Email Twitter at CrowInfoDesign dot com.

Whom I Follow and Why

I don’t automatically follow everyone who follows me. Why? I limit the number of people I follow so I can actually talk with and listen to my followers.

I have two general rules I use to decide whom to follow.

  • People in my geographic community (they are part of my real life business and personal interactions).
  • People who talk about things that I’m interested in (outside of business) that inspire me to be the person I want to be.

I run into many fascinating people because they follow me on Twitter, people who are making very interesting contributions to the community. Don’t take it personally if I don’t follow you back. But don’t be surprised if you get an occasional reply or direct message from me, either.

If you are part of Magpie, I will unfollow you.

What I Tweet

I write different tweets for each audience segment I follow. But generally, you can expect me to tweet about:

  • Interesting articles I find in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites.
  • Announcements of my new blog posts.
  • News about writing and social media use.
  • Inspirational quotes.
  • Slice of my life tweets.

I try to maintain the following tweet breakout:

  • 60% content including retweets.
  • 30% replies.
  • 10% what I’m doing now.

Some days I stray from this, but over a week, this is the breakout you can expect to see. If you have any questions about my contribution to the conversation, just review my archives.

I have Twitter account for my company, CrowInfoDesign. With my business account, I’m reaching out to my peers and clients. Follow me here if you want to talk shop!

I also have a Twitter account for my business, Social Media DIY Workshop. With this account, I’m reaching out to small business people with practical information about social media tools.

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