Who Is CrowInfoDesign?

Thanks for stopping by my Twitter landing page. I appreciate your interest in me, my company, and my Twitter use.

kingston-avatar-1Crow Information Design

I’m Charlene Kingston and I run Crow Information Design, an information design business in the Phoenix metropolitan area. @CrowInfoDesign is my business Twitter account. I’m the person and personality behind this account.

Crow Information Design provides services that help companies and freelance professionals present themselves in writing for online and print.

My team can help you with:

  • Social media strategy for blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and others
  • Screencasts, elearning, and software demonstrations
  • Software user assistance, online help, and job/task analysis
  • Training programs, training plans, and training manuals
  • Software business analysis and requirements definition
  • Information design for websites
  • Ebooks, press releases, press kits, and presentations
  • Proposals from RFPs/RFQs, including training and documentation costs
  • Technical writing, indexing, editing, and proofreading
  • Knowledge transfer, knowledgebase articles, and help desk flowcharts

See the Crow Information Design website for more details.

I used to write a lot about social media tools, especially Twitter. In 2010, I launched the Social Media DIY Workshop to help small business people learn social media. I’ve covering the wide range of social media tools and topics.

Whom I Follow and Why

I have a liberal follow back policy for this account. Generally, I have three rules I use to decide whom to follow.

  • People and companies in my industry or a closely-related industry (we talk shop about user experience, user assistance, and technical writing topics).
  • People and companies who use the services I provide (my clients and potential clients).
  • People and companies who provide services that I use (including my contractors, potential contractors, and software vendors).

Because I follow so many people, I can’t hear as much of the conversation as I would like. When I jump into Twitter throughout the day, I start reading at the point I join the conversation. I review a single page of tweets, so only the most recent message catch my attention.

If you want to speak to me, send an @reply or a direct message to CrowInfoDesign. I check these throughout the day and will get back to you.

What I Tweet

I write different tweets for each audience segment I follow. But generally, you can expect me to tweet about:

  • Interesting articles I find in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites.
  • Announcements of my new blog posts.
  • News about writing and social media use.
  • Slice of my life tweets.

I try to maintain the following tweet breakout:

  • 60% content including retweets.
  • 30% replies.
  • 10% what I’m doing now.

Some days I stray from this, but over a week, this is the breakout you can expect to see. If you have any questions about my contribution to the conversation, just review my archives.

I’m speaking in March 2010 at the Conference for Software User Assistance (WritersUA) about storyboarding. I spoke in March 2009 at this conference about Twitter.

If you are looking for information about how to use social media, check out the Social Media DIY Workshop and follow me as @SocialMediaDIY. It’s all social media all day long.

If you are curious about what is happening in my personal journey, you can follow my personal account, @Kinchie. It’s almost like the DVD commentary track for my business life. I probably won’t follow you back on that account, and I explain why on that Twitter landing page. You will also hear me chatting with my Phoenix technical community peeps, giving digital high-fives to people on their accomplishments, and making social plans for the weekend.

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