Twitter Setup: Rose By Any Other Name

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Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

3 Responses to “Twitter Setup: Rose By Any Other Name”

  1. Working Girl says:

    This is super duper good stuff!

    Dumb question (really dumb): Does your T. user name “count” against the 140 characters? Another reason to make it short……

    Working Girl’s last blog post..Fab Graduation Gift Idea

  2. Charlene says:

    Working Girl: First, there are no DUMB QUESTIONS. Anything you need to know is always a good question.

    Your Twitter user name doesn’t count against your 140 characters when you send a tweet, but when someone replies or retweets or DMs (depends) you, it counts in the total character count. That’s one reason to keep your user name short.

    With DMs, it depends on how you send the DM. If you are using, you get 140 characters not counting the recipient’s user name. However, if you use any Twitter clients (online or mobile) or if you use a text message, the recipient’s user name is part of the 140 character message.

    See, it’s actually a complex answer.

    While I’m talking DMs, there was some notice a while back that DM lengths were longer than 140 characters. I’ve not seen that in practice. I’ve tried to write longer messages without luck. If anyone can tell me more about this, I’m all ears.

  3. Ben Atkin says:

    I think the length for twitter messages is actually 160 characters. and most clients, however, won’t accept longer than 140 characters. If you send an SMS, though, I think you can get over 140 characters. However, there will be an ellipsis (…) after 140 characters that you have to click in order to see the full message.

    Twitter clients that don’t abide by the 140 character rule, or bugs and glitches, and direct use of the API, can result in longer updates being posted.

    Ben Atkin’s last blog post..Swapping names between two twitter accounts

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