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Blogs provide an amazing resource for your business needs.

Blogs provide an amazing resource for your business needs.

One thing I love about having a blog is that it gives me a platform to provide bite-sized nuggets of juicy information. Sometimes that information comes from my own business, and sometimes it comes from one of the brilliant bloggers I’ve run across in my research.

My Writing Blogroll

If you haven’t take the time to read through my blogroll, the list of blogs I recommend, check it out now. It’s located in the right column under my blog archive calendar (on my main blog page). I’ve got them organized into categories to help you find just what you need in each visit. Curious about my categories?

It’s about writing:

  • Writing covers a wide range of topics from how to write specific formats, how to write better, and other insights for people who make a living from stringing together words.
  • Creative Writing covers prose, poetry and other types of writing not strictly non-fiction or technical writing. For more general writing or for non-fiction writing, see Writing.
  • Technical Writing covers blogs specially designed to support technical writers.
  • Writing Tools covers the platforms for writing and general information about the range of writing tools available to writers of all kinds.

It’s about information and design:

  • Information Design covers the wide range of topics about how to organize and structure information in any format.
  • Design covers a wide range of visual design and graphic design topics, because even technical writers who focus on content care about the look of their finished products.
  • User Experience covers topics like user interface design, human/computer interaction, and how the design of practical world objects impacts the way we use them. It also covers the way your customers experience your business, whether you are online or in a brick-and-mortar business.
  • Websites covers information about websites, supporting technologies, and insights on how to make better ones.
  • Software covers the tools used to create and process information and publish it for consumption.

It’s about promoting your business:

  • Marketing covers ideas and resources for marketing your small business or solopreneur services. Blogs specifically about social media appear in a separate topic.
  • Social Media covers information and insights about using the wide range of social media tools. Because social media is a marketing platform, you might also want to check out the Marketing category.

It’s about your work life:

  • Freelance covers anything that supports a freelance or solopreneur career and lifestyle.
  • Working Life addresses the information needs for people at work, including job searching, customer satisfaction, and dealing with the darlings in the workplace.
  • Personal Development is the category I could have called “how to nurture yourself while running a business,” but that name is much too long for the narrow column.

It’s about a few other important things:

  • Miscellaneous includes anything that didn’t fit into one of the other topics, but is something of such value and interest that I wanted to share it with you.

Within these categories, I’ve listed nearly 100 blogs, and I add new blogs every week. If you are looking for inspiration or practice advice, check out these great resources!

Your Turn: Do you have a favorite blog that fits into one of my categories that isn’t mentioned here? Why not share it in a comment so we can all discover it.

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Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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