How To Be An Amazing Facebook Fan

An amazing fan gets involved with the Facebook page.

An amazing fan gets involved with the Facebook page.

Facebook started out being a way for people to connect to people. Each person created a personal profile. As Facebook grew, it started to allow business and public figures to add pages and to connect with people. People create one kind of Facebook account, and businesses and professional people create another kind of account.

  • Profile. A personal Facebook account is a profile. When you want to connect to an old high school friend, for example, you join your profile to your friend’s profile. This type of connect Facebook calls becoming a friend. Both people have to agree to become friends, and one person can back out of the friend connection.
  • Page. A business or professional Facebook account is a page. When you want to connect to a company or a public figure, you join your profile to a page. This type of connection Facebook calls becoming a fan. A fan is a profile to page connection. You don’t need permission to become a fan.

Who Creates A Page?

Facebook allows a wide range of businesses and professionals to create a page. For example, a page may be created by:

  • Local business
  • Band
  • Artist
  • Politician
  • Public figure
  • Organization
  • Church
  • Product
  • Brand
  • Sports team

The people who run the organization or business are the ones who create and maintain the Facebook page.  They use their page to share information with the public and to interact with their fans.

Facebook also allows people to create a group. A group is similar and different from a page. For example, a sports team would create a page for the team, but any person could create a group for the team. The group is not sponsored by the team and doesn’t communicate official information from the team. However, joining a group for a team may be a way to meet other fans of the team or learn more about the team.

Become A Fan

Anyone who likes a company, a politician, a band, an artist, a local business, or a public figure can choose to become a fan of a Facebook page. To become a fan, you click “Become A Fan” on any Facebook page. To stop being a fan, you click “Remove Me From Fans.”

When you become a fan, several things happen:

  • Facebook reports that you became a fan in your recent activities.
  • You can suggest that some or all of your friends become a fan of the same page.
  • Each time that the page sends an update to its fans, you get an update message. To find your updates, display your Inbox and click the Updates tab.
  • Each time the page owner updates the page, the information appears in your news feed. To find your news feed, click Home and click News Feed.
  • Each time the page owner updates the page, you have the option of sharing the update. You can either post the same update on your profile (on the Wall tab) or send a message to one or more of your friends.

Being A Great Fan

Here are some things you can do to become the best type of fan for any Facebook page.

  • Become a fan. If you really like a local business, or a professional, or an organization, or band, or team, you should see if they have a Facebook page. And if they do, you should become a fan. The people who run the page can see your name listed in their fans, and they appreciate your support.
  • Visit the page frequently. Now that you are fan, you should check to see what news and information the page provides. Stop by regularly, and be active on the page.
  • Share the page’s updates. Some businesses do a great job of providing good information on their Facebook page. If you are a fan of a page that takes the time to create posts, provides links to interesting information, or posts other interesting things, you can share this with your friends. You don’t want to spam your friends with things they don’t care about. You can share the page’s updates by posting them on your profile, where your friends can see it.
  • Suggest your friends become fans. You can also suggest that some of your friends become a fan of the same page.
  • Add your comments. When you see a new item from a page where you are fan, and you like the item, you can also comment on it. You can write something as simple as “Great news” or “Thanks for sharing that with us.” Or you can ask a question, or make a longer comment and share your opinion. It’s up to you. But just the little effort you makes shows that you support the page. And your comment will be seen by other fans, people who might want to friend you.
  • Post photos. If you attend an event sponsored by the group behind a Facebook page, and you take photos at the event, the page may allow you to post your pictures. For example, if you favorite author has a Facebook page and your are a fan, when the author comes to your neighborhood bookstore for signing, you can take and post pictures of the author and the crowd. Everyone involved will love to see your pictures.
  • Check for updates. Occasionally, a Facebook page will send messages out to its fans. These messages do not appear in your Inbox, but instead appear under the Updates tab. This is the best way to find out what’s new with each page where you are a fan.

If you run a Facebook page, are you doing the kind of job that makes it easy for your fans to be amazing fans?

Your turn: Have you found a page that excites you as a fan? What have you done for the pages where you are fan? What do you think pages can do better? Share your insights and stories in the comments.

About author:

Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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