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I spoke about Twitter landing pages recently on the Twooting podcast. I’ve added the studio video clip below.

Provide a customed Twitter landing page to help potential followers.

Provide a customized Twitter landing page to help potential followers.

Twitter provides each user with the ability to link to one web address within your profile. This means that you can describe yourself to your Twitter community with more space and style than you have available within your Twitter profile. You should give careful thought to the web address you choose for this important profile feature. People check out your web address when they check out your profile. A good web link gives potential followers the information they need to decide if they want to follow you.

Twitter Link Options

When selecting the web address for your Twitter profile, you can choose any of the following types of destinations.

  • Your blog. Your blog provides a personal look into your online presence that gives people the chance to see your personality and evaluate the types of things you could contribute to the Twitter conversation. You could link to the front page of your blog, or to a special About page that provides more personal information.
  • Your website. If you tweet on behalf of your business, you might want to link to your company website. Or if you use Twitter to drive traffic to your website, this would be a smart option.
  • A social networking site. If you don’t have a website or a blog, but you have a profile on a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace, you could link directly to your profile. This would make it easy for people from Twitter to link up with you on the social networking site, also.
  • Your resume. If you use Twitter for professional networking, you might choose to link to your resume on a site like LinkedIn. This would allow a large number of people to see your resume.
  • A customized Twitter landing page. If you have the ability to create a customized web page through a website or a blog, this option allows you to build a specific page for Twitter visitors.

Use your Twitter goal to determine which option you use. You can also adjust your choice based on your current situation. For example, if you are looking for a job, you might temporarily switch to your profile on a site like LinkedIn.

Twitter Landing Page

If Twitter is an important part of your social media presence, you should consider building a customized Twitter landing page for your web address option in your Twitter profile. A landing page allows you to speak directly to people who are checking you out on Twitter. This means it is more specific than even an About page on your blog or website.

When crafting a Twitter landing page, you should consider these types of information:

  • Welcome message. Explain that this is your customized Twitter landing page and welcome your visitors. This is like greeting someone who arrives at your front door. Be friendly, and thank them for stopping by.
  • Who you are. Repeat your name and your Twitter username. If you use a nickname, you could also explain how you got your nickname, or what it means to you. This type of information helps people to remember your nickname better.
  • Your follow policy. Do you follow back everyone, or are you selective? There is no right or wrong decision. However, this is your chance to explain your policy so people don’t start off with the wrong impression. Most people will assume that your follow policy is the same as theirs. Giving your follow policy is especially important if you are selective. If you don’t follow back everyone, explain how you decide whom to follow.
  • Your Twitter goal. Let people know your goal for using Twitter. By sharing why you use Twitter, you give potential followers a lot of information about how you use Twitter.
  • Your tweet topics. Let people know the types of topics that you tweet about. You might think that they can review your archive to figure out your topics. However, most people won’t take the time scan more than a few tweets, and those may not represent you well. If you want engaged followers who are interested in your topics, tell them what you tweet about.
  • Other Twitter accounts. If you have other Twitter accounts with other goals and topics, list them here. Perhaps this account isn’t the best fit for your potential follower, but they see that another account would interest them more.
  • List of recent tweets. There are many tools that automatically display the last few tweets from this Twitter account. Which one you use depends on how you build your Twitter landing page and your technical skills. Twitter provides a series of widgets designed to make it easy to add tweets to Facebook, MySpace, and blogs on TypePad, Blogger, and others.
  • Your social media passport. If you are active in social media, you can provide a list of all of your social media accounts with links to help people find you on each one.

By giving potential followers this information, you allow them to make an informed decision about following you. It also enhances your professional image as someone who engages in social media seriously and understands how to work with your audience.

Here’s my interview on Twooting where we discussed Twitter landing pages.

Your turn: Do you have a Twitter landing page? What do you include on it? Have you found a landing page that you thought did a great job? Share your insights here in the comments.

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