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My gently read copy of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl by Karen Burns.

My gently read copy of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl by Karen Burns.

Last week, I read an amazing book, The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use.

I knew it was going to be a great book because I’ve been reading the author’s blog for many months. I knew Karen was full of wisdom that she spoons out like sugar with a playful, light-hearted and yet totally serious voice.

But just a few pages into her book, I realized I was reading a truly amazing book.

Who Is Working Girl?

My friend Karen Burns is Working Girl. It turns out, Karen has held 59 jobs in her life, and she’s learned something from each one of them. Some have been exotic and exciting, others were mundane, and a few were even dangerous. But I’ll leave those stories for you to discover within Karen’s book.

I can tell you that Karen is a delightful person, a thoughtful and considerate type, who speaks her mind clearly with a gentle voice. I spent four wonderful hours chatting with her during my recent Seattle trip. We took the window seat at Cherry Street Coffeehouse where we drank coffee, talking about love and life, and shared a belly laugh. The glum Seattle weather had no influence on our sunny conversation in Belltown.

Who Should Read This? And Why?

I think anyone with a job, or anyone who thinks they might someday have a job, should read this book. It doesn’t matter if you clean houses (Working Girl did that) or if you manage a high-tech team in a Fortune 100 company.  Man or woman, young or seasoned, there is something delightful and inspiring waiting for you. OK, you guys might not rush to pick up a book from Working Girl, but the advice applies to men as well.

I’m going to give a copy to each of the young adults in my life because the advice here can help them avoid some of the early career mistakes I’ve made. And some of the late career mistakes, also. Sprinkled with eternal truths, lists of tips, funny (true) stories, and great advice, this book is an easy read. You can randomly open it and read one page or one short chapter.  Or you can start at the beginning and read through to the end (which is how I devoured it).

Experiencing The Book

The book is full of illustrations drawn by Working Girl to show her busy doing each of the 59 jobs. Cute illustrations. So cute that you’ll understand why one of Karen’s jobs today is making note cards and greeting cards and the like. In fact, from her website, you can order things with Working Girl illustrations, practical things like mugs and aprons and notebooks, and fun things like… well… undies. See for yourself.

In the end, reading this book is more like having a coffee with Karen and listening to her funny work stories than reading a serious business book full of serious advice about something as important as your career. Yet, through the laughter, you will understand that Karen has just saved you a whole lot of confusion and mistakes in your own working life.

Take two minutes to watch this book trailer. You’ll understand that this book is so amazing because Karen is so amazing.

If you live in Seattle or Phoenix, keep an eye out for a Working Girl book event at a bookstore. Check Karen’s website for details.

You can also join Karen on Facebook and follow Working Girl on Twitter.

And did I mention that it would make a great graduation present?

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Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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