Twooting It Up!

This morning, I was interviewed by Bo and Ryan on their daily live podcast all about Twitter called Twooting. We talked about my recent blog post, Twitter New User Checklist, or as I think about it, the 10 most common mistakes new Twitter users make (in my humble opinion).

I had never heard of their podcast before I received their invite. I’m hardly an expert on the wide range of podcasts available, or on Twitter podcasts in particular. It turns out, this is a new adventure for them. Today was episode #4. And based on what I heard today, they are off to a great start and provide an excellent service for the Twitter¬† community.

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

Here’s the video from of Bo and Ryan on the air with me and the rest of their show. Or, if you just want to hear the show, listen here. You can also subscribe to the podcast free from iTunes. Of course, you can also follow them on Twitter.

The Interview Backstory

So last night, I’m working on my WritersUA conference supplemental materials, and I receive a tweet from them, an invitation to appear on their show. Am I interested? Of course. And then I got nervous. I told a couple friends in private. The more people I told, the more excited I got and the less nervous I became. Within a few hours, I even tweeted about my upcoming interview.

The whole nervous thing was interesting and probably isn’t the kind of nervousness you would expect. If you know me at all, you know I can get really chatty. I wasn’t nervous about talking on their show, talking doesn’t make me nervous. I was nervous because I wanted to do a really great job, and I was doing something for the first time.

So besides telling a few friends about the opportunity, I did seek out some advice, which was generously given to me by two experienced podcast friends. One friend reminded me to be myself, and suggested that I take a few minutes to make sure I’m grounded and connected before I start. The other friend advised me that a chatty interviewee is better than a quiet one, and not to be afraid to keep talking until I make my point. All great advice.

The Interview Experience

I had a great time talking with Bo and Ryan. They both seem like great guys, friendly people who like what they are doing. You know when you hear that in someone’s voice, that sparkle of enthusiasm that you can’t fake. I really like the topics they covered in the rest of the show, and they ways they allowed audience members to contribute to the conversation.

Great job, guys!

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Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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