Branching Out (Or How Ideas Grow)

Take the next logical step to grow your business.

Take the next logical step to grow your business.

I’m always amazed when the next logical step appears in my path.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the challenges of working from home.  It got some traction with my audience and with my local community. I got the idea to publish it as an ebook using the layout I’ve been developing through other projects.

I started with my ebook shell and started plopping in the content when I suddenly got a couple new ideas.

In a blog post or ebook, I can’t begin to address the many issues, challenges, resources, and strategies for being a home-based worker. I realized that when I wrote the blog post at the beginning. But in translating the blog post to an ebook, I have the opportunity to expand the content and to provide even more value for the readers.

Building New Ebook Features

My first new idea was to include testimonials from successful home-based workers. People with different stories, with a different set of challenges and solutions, than my own. I realized I could add some depth and breadth to the content by including the stories of four additional people. I made my short list, and am pleased to say that I have three of them confirmed today. One person declined the interview because of current schedule limitations. I am currently seeking a fourth person, but am happy to cut the testimonials to three if someone doesn’t easily turn up.

My second new idea was to include a resource list to help home-based workers create their own solution set. I have a large list of resources that I use, and I’ve asked my contributors to provide their personal resource list as well. My vision is to have a list of websites, blogs, books, magazines, etc. that support the efforts of home-based workers. It won’t be a definitive list, but it will provide an added value to the ebook readers.

Adding Ebook Contributors

Today, I sent out the interview questions to three contributors and spent some time to locate the fourth person. As I work on this aspect of the project, I realize how much more this improves the ebook than I first envisioned. Yes, it provides a wider perspective for the readers, but it does more. It helps the ebook reader to identify new resources for their journey, and it introduces the contributors to my community. But it also provides the contributors with an ebook they can use for their own outreach efforts.

When I started my business, I never thought I would someday occupy an office filled with employees. I had a much smaller, home-based vision. I stayed within that vision for many years. And then it started to occur to me that I could pull in a network of home-based workers on my projects, and by extension, help other people live out the dream that I was living. That was an exciting idea, and that vision propelled me forward, growing my business in the process.

I’ve seen repeatedly how taking the next logical, obvious step can transform my business into something much larger than my original vision. I can’t wait to see what this ebook project contributes to that story and to my business.

About author:

Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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