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Third-party Twitter tools can enhance your Twitter experience.

Third-party Twitter tools can enhance your Twitter experience.

Last week, I started a new series of blog posts about Twitter tools. To help you organize them, I’ve arranged them according to my list of basic Twitter activities, which includes:

  • Communication tools, broken into talking, listening, and content
  • Community management tools, broken into follower and following management
  • Reputation management tools
  • Ego building
  • Outside of the box uses for Twitter
  • Timeline filters

Twitter Communication Tools

Talking Tools

Twiddict allows you to write tweets at any time, but especially when Twitter is down. It sends your tweets later.

Listening Tools

Tweet2Tweet allows you to put together tweets between two people in a timeline so you can see how they interact.

CrowdStatus allows you to change your Twitter timeline from a list to a series of blocks.

Twit Refresh performs an automatic refresh every 60 seconds.

Chirrup gives you a specialized Twitter feed as comments for a blog, website, or wiki.

Content Tools

Tweetcube allows you to share files up to 10MB through tweets.

Twit+ allows you to share files through tweets.

Twitter Community Management Tools

Follower Management

Tweepler allows you to review and then sort new followers into two categories, follow back and ignore.

Twitterless notifies you when someone stops following you.

Tweetake allows you to back up all of your followers.

Twimailer provides you with detailed emails about each new follower.

Following Management

Twitter Snooze allows you to eliminate tweets from selected users for a specific length of time without unfollowing the users.

Tweetake allows you to back up everyone you are following.

Twitter Reputation Management Tools

Twist allows you to create a graph showing the popularity of keywords over the last week. It also provides a list of current hot topics on Twitter.

TweetLists provides a list of the most popular links and domains in the Twitter timeline.

Twitter Ego Building

TweetValue calculates a dollar value for your Twitter account.

Twitter Grader evaluates your Twitter account and ranks you among other Twitter users.

Twitter Outside Of The Box

Twittez uses the power of crowd sources to answer your questions. Simply type a tweet with the phrase “does anyone know” and this tool publishes your tweet. People visit the Twittez site, read your question, and if they can provide an answer, it appears as an @reply to you.

Tweetake allows you to back up all of your tweets.

Twitter Timeline Filters

#Hashtags compiles information about individual hashtags (keywords preceded by a #) throughout the Twitter timeline and provides use analysis.

Filttr keeps track of tweets you like and don’t like and learns how to filter out tweets you don’t want to read.

About author:

Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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