Rebranding Me

Tyson's portait is the background for my new business card.

Tyson's portait is the background for my new business card.

Over the last several months, I’ve been thinking a lot about the new direction I want to go with my business. I started out by knowing that I don’t want to do the same thing for the same types of clients any more. I’ve had a great run with my primary clients over the last few years, but I’m getting a little bored. I’m ready for a change and a new kind of challenge.

Over these months, I’ve taken on a handful of clients who need a very different kind of work. It’s been fun, a great challenge, and satisfying work. It’s generally the direction I want to go, but not exactly what I want to do. It’s like I’m testing everything I try, every topic I research. Is this colder or warmer? I drop the things that take me further from my fuzzy goal, and keep the rest. Through this process of trial and error, of experimentation, I’m reinventing myself and finding my way along the path.

Finding My Center

Whenever I’m not sure what I want to do next in my life, I step back and review what I know to be true. The things I know about myself. I take it back to the center. Part of my journey back to my center involved having my business portrait taken by Tyson Crosbie this winter. When I look at these photos, they remind me of who I am. Every day, every time I see my portrait on one of the many social media sites I frequent, I get a chance to see myself with fresh eyes in these photos. It’s burning a new awareness of myself into my consciousness. I may not be sure of where I’m going exactly, but I do know who I am and where I’ve been.

Reaching Out

In my countdown for the WritersUA conference in a few weeks, today’s task was to order additional business cards. When I looked at my existing cards, I could see that they don’t capture my new direction. They don’t communicate who I am and who I am becoming in my business. I have outgrown that image. I realized I needed to design a new business identity kit.

From the start, I knew I wanted Tyson’s portrait to be the background for the new materials. I spent a few hours dinking around with the design, trying some ideas. I’m happy with what I created. I’m sure that my talented designer friends could take my draft and turn it into something amazing, but for now, I like that it’s handmade by me.

For the last six months, I’ve been on a collision course with the conference, and I mean that in a good way. I feel like a plane revving up and tearing down the runway, approaching take-off speed. I know that when I reach the point of rotation, I’ll leave behind the things that no longer suit me and embrace the new things I’ve been reaching for. It’s an amazing feeling, to sense that I’m about to rendezvous with the next step of my journey. It’s a feeling that leaves me both sleepless and exhilarated.

Bon voyage!

About author:

Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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