Twitter Tools You Can Use

Third-party Twitter tools can enhance your Twitter experience.

3rd party tools enhance your Twitter experience.

In the course of my ongoing social media research, I’ve come across some really fun and useful Twitter tools. Here are a few of them. I’ve organized these according to the three general categories of Twitter activites I outlined in an earlier blog post, along with a couple other tool categories (see below). This is the first installment of on ongoing series. Check out the second installment of Twitter Tools You Can Use for 20 more Twitter tools.

Twitter Communication Tools

Talking Tools

Tweet O’Clock tells you the best time to find a specific user on Twitter.

TweetLater allows you to schedule tweets for a future time. (Also posted in Follower Management and Reputation Management)

Listening Tools

PollDaddy provides a way to ask your followers a question with single answer or multiple answers possibilities. The link to your poll goes out in a tweet. Easy response review. Requires your Twitter password.

TwtPoll allows you to create a survey and collect information from participants on Twitter, Facebook, and through email.

Content Tools

Twitt(url)y tracks the number of times a URL (or a shortened URL using TinyURL or SnipURL) gets tweeted. You can see the most commonly tweeted URLs, and break that down for a specific Twitter user.

TwitPwr provides a Twitter URL shortening service that tracks the number of click throughs on the line from your tweet and retweets. From your click-through rate, it calculates a power rating for your content. (Also posted in Twitter Ego Building)

Tweetburner provides a Twitter URL shortening service that also tracks if the link is retweeted and the number of click throughs.

TwitPic allows you to post pictures online and share them on Twitter.

Twiddeo allows you to post videos and share them on Twitter.

TwitterFeed automatically tweets every time you add a blog post.

Autopostr tweets each time you add photos to Flickr.

Twitter Community Management Tools

Follower Management

Twitoria identifies inactive followers and gives you options for filtering the list based on how long the user has been inactive.

TweepSearch provides a way to do a keyword search through the bios of your followers. (Also listed in Following Management)

FriendorFollow provides a breakout of your followers and which ones you do not follow back. I’ve found some errors in this information. (Also listed in Following Management)

TweetLater allows you to send automated messages to new followers, and to automatically follow the people who follow you. (Also posted in Communication Tools and Reputation Management)

Following Management

Top Follow Friday collects the recommended Twitter users from the #followfriday grassroots project and compiles them. If you are looking for top recommended people to follow, start here. (This is a new project, so results are building).

Twibs provides a directory of businesses using Twitter. Search for a business, or add your business here. Use the tags to search through a business category.

Nearby Tweets provides access to a tweet stream from users near a geographic location. You set the location, and you can perform keyword searches. (Also listed in Reputation Management)

Twellow provides a directory of Twitter users organized by category. Add yourself and fill out an extended biography.

Twitter Social Brand Index provides a categorized list of companies and agencies with their Twitter account information.

TweepSearch provides a way to do a keyword search through the bios all Twitter users currently indexed by this tool. (Also listed in Follower Management)

Mr. Tweet provides recommendations for people you can follow. You must follow MrTweet to use this service.

FriendorFollow provides a breakout of the people you are following and which ones you do not follow back. I’ve found some errors in this information. (Also listed in Follower Management)

Twits Like Me uses your tweet content to find other similar Twitter users that you can follow.

Twubble searches through your Twitter friends to see who they follow, and recommends people that you can follow. You must provide your Twitter login to use this.

Twitter Reputation Management Tools

SamePoint searches for your keyword (think brand, product, etc.) across several social media tools including Twitter. Really amazing finds.

Nearby Tweets allows you to perform keyword searches for Twitter users in a specific geographic location. (Also listed in Following Management)

Tweet Scan provides keywork searching across Twitter and other microblogging applications.

Twist allows you to search for a keyword and displays a graph of its use in tweets over a week. Also allows you to compare two or more keywords with overlapping graphs.

TweetLater allows you conduct keyword searches and emails you the results. (Also posted in Communication Tools and Follower Management)

Tweetbeep sends you email updates when your keywords appear in tweets.

Twitter Ego Building

This is not a category for Twitter activities. However, there are many tools in the twitterverse that seem (to me) to exist only to build the ego of a Twitter user. I’m not a fan of these tools, but I do think they have provide some value to a Twitter user who wants to look more objectively at his or her Twitter use.

Twitalyzer provides an analysis of a Twitter user’s influence, signal, generosity, velocity, and clout. It also shows trends since your last analysis. Very detailed statistical study of user activity.

Twitterholic provides a list of Twitter users in order by number of followers. It also provides follower and follower trends for individual Twitter users.

ReTweetRank provides a ranking of Twitter users based on how often other people retweet them.

TwitPwr provides a power rating for your content based on the number of link click throughs. (Also posted in Communication Tools)

Twitter Outside Of The Box

These tools allow you to use Twitter in a way that it was never intended to be used.

bkkeepr allows you to track your book reading and progress through each book using the book’s ISBN number. You must follow bkkeeper to use this service.

TweetDumpr allows you to export your tweets to a comma delimited file for archiving or other uses.

HelpWith allows you to crowd source answers to challenges you face, and to help others.

Twitzu allows you to create an event and promote it through Twitter.

Twitter Filters

These tools allow you to see tweets pulled from all users in a humorous or useful way.

TwittEarth allows you to watch tweets as they appear around the globe.

Twistori pulls tweets that contain the words love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish and scrolls them across the screen.

Twitter Spy pulls tweets in real time and displays them on a world map.

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Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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