Three Reasons I Love Ignite Phoenix

Ignite Phoenix III is Wednesday, February 25, 2009 from 6 to 9 pm. Don't miss it.

Ignite Phoenix III is Wednesday, February 25, 2009 from 6 to 9 pm. Don't miss it.

This week is Ignite Phoenix week.

On Wednesday, the third Ignite Phoenix event will be held at its new venue, the Tempe Center for the Arts, from 6 to 9 pm. I can hardly wait.

If you haven’t been to an Ignite event, all of my ranting about how amazing it is and what a great experience it is will sound like hyperbole. So rather than waste my words and your time, I’ve decided that the best way to explain why you should attend is to give you the three reasons why I love Ignite Phoenix.

Reason #1: The Fun

There are a lot of fun things you can do with your closest friends.  There are some fun things you can do with a room full of people. And then, there is Ignite Phoenix. It’s the most fun you can have in a crowded room with strangers and not have a hangover the next morning.

I’ve attended a lot of events, a lot of presentations, and a lot of workshops. There is nothing like the fun of the Ignite Phoenix crowd. In fact, the closest feeling I’ve found is a concert. There’s a sense of anticipation in the room. For the speakers, it’s a wave of love that hits you when you arrive. For the audience, it’s the sense that you are about to experience one of the best public events of your life. It’s a real treat. It’s addictive. And it’s free.

Reason #2: It’s Interesting

I’m the kind of gal who is curious about the world. I ask nearly everyone I meet how they got their job, how it works, what skills they need, etc. I have embarrassed a lot of people with my endless questions for strangers. I love the reference section of the library. I get goosebumps thinking about all of the facts I don’t know waiting for me inside all of those rows of bound volumes. I constantly search for obscure and little known keywords on the internet, and link-jump for hours for my personal edification.

Compared to those things, Ignite Phoenix is like being strapped to the outside of a Saturn rocket being launched from Cape Canaveral. It’s an amazing ride, with a new experience every five minutes. At previous events, I learned city ordinances about keeping farm animals, how zombies see humans in cars (canned food), and that there are endless variations on how people like the PB&J sandwiches. But unlike the rocket ride,  which can only end badly, Ignite Phoenix ends happily at the after party. Food and drinks, laughs and conversation. And no space suits required.

Reason #3: Lots of Cool People

There are many amazing people in Phoenix that you don’t yet know yet. Some of them are going to be speaking that night about the things that light their creative passion. Things you may know nothing about until you hear them speak. If a speaker inspires you, find them on a break and introduce yourself. You might find a soul mate in them, or a future partner in crime.

But as cool as the Ignite Phoenix speaker are, they will be outnumbered by the amazing people in the audience. That’s right. The person sitting on your left may be a master of the very game you love to play. Or that person who signed in after you may know the ideal person to help you accomplish your most exciting personal goal. In other words, talk to the people around you. I promise that they won’t disappoint you, either.

And while I’m speaking about cool people, please introduce yourself to me that night. I want to meet all of the cool people (that’s you!) attending Ignite Phoenix. I’ll be wrangling the door, and you will have every opportunity to smile or shake my hand or say “hello.” If you tend to be a bit shy, you can think of me as your ice breaker. And if you are going to be the life of the party, I’m the last obstacle before you can enter the room and get your party on.

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Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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