Write a Love Letter To Your New Job

Feeling anxiety in your job search? Try writing a love letter.

Feeling anxiety in your job search? Try writing a love letter to your new job.

Have you or someone you know recently been laid off? Or, are you in a job you don’t enjoy but you are afraid there are no good jobs out there because of the tough times?

Are you willing to try a new way to find a job that is perfect for you?

In the midst of updating your resume, filling out applications, searching the classifieds, and networking to find your new job, take a few minutes to write a love letter to your new job. That’s right, a love letter. The love letter takes the highlights of your skills, your secret dream job feature, and mixes it up in a new way. This is something you write for yourself, something that helps you get clear about what you want and helps you to feel better while you are job searching.

It goes something like this:

Dear perfect job

I’m in a place in my life where I’m ready for a new opportunity, and I’m looking for you. I am in the happy position of having some time to really get clear about what I want next, and I’m using my time productively to help me rendezvous with you. I know you are out there and that you are waiting for me, too.

I have a lot of skills I’ve picked up along the way. I’ve got solid skills in [List your best skills here, the ones you really want to use in your new job.]. I’ve learned many related things, but these are the skills I’m eager to use and apply to new challenges. I love working in situations where I can use my full range of experience and knowledge. At the same time, I want the opportunity to grow, to learn more, and to see new ways to solve problems.

Since I started working, I’ve learned a lot about how to be effective in the workplace. I understand how to build collaborative relationships with my peers based on mutual respect. I understand that my boss always has pressures and limitations that are invisible to me. I’m really good at taking responsibility for my tasks, and I know how to ask for help when I need it. I love being part of good team, and really appreciate how great it feels when everyone contributes his or her unique skills to a project. I bring my best to the table every day, and I believe everyone else does the same.

I’m not sure what you look like exactly, but I know that when I meet you, it will feel like I’ve come home. Throughout the interview process, I will see that your company treats its people with respect. I will love the interviews, and will appreciate the effort everyone puts into asking questions so they find the right person.

What I really love about finding you is [Here is your chance to ask for the one really big thing that would knock your socks off. Don't hold back, dream BIG.].

I know you are out there, and I know we will rendezvous quickly. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the process of job hunting for the first time, and I’m anticipating how great I will feel when we do meet.

[Your name]

Use this as a starting point to write a love letter to your perfect new job. Feel free to shake it up and customize it to fit your situation, your skills, and your dream job.

I would love to read your love letter. If you feel like sharing it, drop me at email at Charlene [at] Crow Info Design [dot] com.  And of course, I want to hear when you land that new job, also!

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Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

2 Responses to “Write a Love Letter To Your New Job”

  1. Looking for a job can be stressful and by doing this, it can help you get rid of your frustrations. Sure it doesn’t get you a job but it can serve as a motivation. It brings out optimism in you. Optimism gives you motivation. Motivation makes you persevere to find a job that you love.

    • Charlene says:

      You really get what I was talking about, Natalie. It is stressful looking for a job, and anything you can do to help reduce the stress means you are 1) more able to work and pay attention in the present moment, and 2) a happier person for these days of your life. I wish you all the best in your search for meaningful work.

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