Finding My Voice

With each writing project, you must find your unique writing voice.

With each writing project, you must find your unique writing voice.

I’ve been a blogger since 1995, and have written a wide variety of blogs. This is the first time I’ve written a blog for my company, and it has given me some interesting challenges.

First, I understand that my blog must help me meet the business goals I set for my company. However, I’m also in the process of re-visioning my company, so a few of my business goals are sketchy and a few are shifting. In other words, I have a moving target I must hit.

Second, along with the new business goals and direction, my audience is shifting. I’m writing not only to inform my clients and potential clients, but also to engage freelance professionals who currently contribute to my projects, as well as to locate and engage new contractors.

Third, I’m still exploring my new business area, and I’m working to build mastery with new tools, new thoughts, and create new business strategies for myself and others at the same time.

So with all of this change going on, you might ask me why I picked this time to begin the company blog. (I’ve asked myself this question many times.) Despite the obvious challenges, my instincts tell me that this is the right step at the right time. When all of my analysis doesn’t give me a clear answer, I always rely on my instincts. Besides, it’s never the ideal time to start a new blog.

Personal Transparency

So why do I think you care about my struggle to find my own voice here?

I’m not sure that you do care, in fact, I’m sure that some readers don’t care. (They have already stopped reading so I feel free to talk about them.)

I’m writing this post because of my own reaction to my recent posts. As I reread the content here, what strikes me is the evidence that I’m experimenting and that I’m stretching to find my voice for this blog. It’s obvious to me. Perhaps it is obvious to you as well.

I’m writing this post because I feel that issue is the elephant in the blog, the obvious thing that everyone notices but no one talks about. If you know me in real life, you know that I do the same thing in person, even when the reaction is icy stares and pressed lips. I can’t help but say what I observe. (Hello, my name is Charlene and I’m a compulsive observer.)

I also know that some of you reading this post want to start your own company blog, or have started and abandoned a company blog. For you, I want to admit that even for an experienced blogger, a new writing venture is (almost) never easy, and that we all face these sorts of challenges. The important thing is to keep going, to keep writing, keep adjusting, keep trying new things. Eventually, with some good advice and focused effort, you (and I) will figure it out.

For those of you who don’t see my struggle, I’ll explain this. I feel like I’ve selected good topics (mostly) and I’ve laid a good foundation for discussion in each one. What I feel I’m missing is the dynamic, brilliant observation that brings the issue to a head, either with a sense of closure or with a burning question that leaves you searching your own thoughts for the answer. It’s like I’ve only written 75% of any topic, and the conclusion was truncated.

For those of you who see clearly where I am and what I struggle with, your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please stick with me. I promise that I won’t rest until I break through to the next level in this blog.

About author:

Charlene is the information strategist behind Crow Information Design.

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    I have this issue also. It’s hard to find that line that makes a blog interesting enough to read, but not too much that it makes people not want to work with you. The eternal struggle of the blog. :) You seem to be finding it!

  3. Charlene says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth. I think the line changes over time, so it’s not something you figure out once and you are done.

  4. Craig says:

    I often find the difficulty in finding voice is wrapped up in the difficulty of finding time to write. When I write sporadically it is much more difficult to find a voice and a burning issue of passion to write about.

    Unfortunately we live in a busy world. And as busy-ness owners, we may be the busiest people on the planet. Ugh.

    Why can’t people just send us massive amounts of money for being cleaver, then we’ll have more time to write? :-)

  5. Charlene says:

    Craig: I completely agree that tapping into passion is part of finding your voice. Since I wrote this post, I received some outstanding feedback to another writing project that has me trying some new ideas. I’m continuing to find my groove with the blog. I know that I will find it, but I also know that it will change over time as I change. It’s a never ending readjustment process.

  6. Finding your blog voice is a lifelong task, I think, because you are constantly evolving. If you read what you wrote 10 years ago would you say it the same way today? Probably not, but essentially the “you” part, your voice, if you will, will come to the front. Don’t be too concerned. Just like in singing the voice gets better as it is practiced. And so will you. Let us know when your “a-ha” moment occurs. And let us know how you finally defined your voice. We’ll be listening!

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